Recommended Tackle For Artic Grayling

Fly Rods:
A for weight rod will effectively fish these beautiful Alaskan game fish. Choose the rod you like to use for trout at home and you will be on the money. We like the contemporary graphite models, 8..5 or 9 feet in length. The very best of fly rod manufacturers build 3 and 4 piece fly rods that don’t appreciably sacrifice much in the way of action when compared to a 2-piece model.

Fishing Techniques:
Upstream or downstream dry fly presentations take a lot of grayling. The largest grayling are normally taken on wet patterns, most notably egg flies. Trophy grayling leave their normal feeding stations and lay behind, on the side of or in the center of spawning salmon to gorge on spent eggs. Other times, under cut banks or behind rocks are good locations to try. Dries fished over riffles will also take grayling on a consistent basis. Grayling will rise for dry flies with little provocation throughout the Summer. They provide a welcome and productive diversion from the challenges and rigors of salmon and trout fishing. In the far Northern latitudes, Grayling reach trophy dimensions, often exceeding 18 inches. With rare exception, most Alaskan Rainbows and Grayling can be effectively fooled in to striking dry flies.

Winston Rod Series; LT 5 piece 8’9”, 4 weight.

Fly Reels:
There are so many good reels on the market today that it is almost impossible to pick one. A single action, pawl drag reel is a perfect choice.


Ross G-a or G-2 (3, 4 and 5 - weights)

Orvis Battenkill (3/4 – weight)

Fly Lines:
Your best all around fly line will be a weight forward floater.

Floating Weight Forward Scientifc Angler or Cortland.

Leaders and Tippet:
Leaders fro Grayling should be slightly longer and finer. Nine foot leaders tapered to 4X diameter tippet offers a challenge and produces better results.