Experience The Last Frontier

To Some An Adventure To Others A Personal Journey

Alaskans call it the bush. It is as much spirit as a place.

Lake Iliamna, the largest lake in Alaska, surrounded by the rugged snow capped peaks of the Alaska Range to the north. To the east, the Aleutian Range spills over the Katmai to a coastline of glaciers, volcanoes and towering cliffs. To the west, the openness of rolling mountains and tundra, home of the barren ground caribou, further west, the mighty Kuskokwim.

Each day another sight, brown bear meandering along a riverbed, a bull moose in a Katmai meadow, herds of caribou migrating across the open tundra or a lone wolf, wolverine or fox. Experience flying across Shelikoff straight for the Kodiak Island archipelago, whales, sea lion, sea otters and hundreds of species of seabirds. Journey to the Katmai valley of 10,000 smokes and brooks river.

Our family of experienced pilots and guides are very committed to showing our guests unsurpassed angling and the Alaska many people dream about but few experience, truly the last frontier, the land of the midnight sun.