The Weather

Alaska’s summer weather is usually wonderful, but it is unpredictable – so every angler should carry a rain jacket. Temperatures range from the mid 40s to 80s. All of our pilots fly using VFR (Visible Flight Rules). Occasionally we are “socked in” by fog or low clouds. When this happens, we fish various rivers reachable by four-wheel-drive and boat.

Month High Low Mean Avg, Rainfall Record High Record Low
Jannary 22°F 10°F 16°F 1.33 in. 45°F (1942) -47°F (1947)
February 23°F 10°F 16°F .98 in. 49°F (1986) -46°F (1947)
March 30°F 15°F 23°F 1.03 in. 50°F (1983) -30°F (1971)
April 39°F 26°F 32°F .97 in. 59°F (1998) -16°F (1956)
May 50°F 36°F 43°F 1.27 in. 73°F (1993) 4°F (1949)
June 58°F 44°F 51°F 1.54 in. 91°F (1953) 30°F (1963)
July 62°F 49°F 56°F 2.38 in. 83°F (1993) 34°F (1944)
August 61°F 48°F 54°F 4.26 in. 83°F (1968) 31°F (1984)
September 53°F 42°F 48°F 4.32 in. 70°F (1979) 21°F (1981)
October 40°F 29°F 35°F 3.10 in. 66°F (1976) -4°F (1985)
November 30°F 19°F 25°F 2.25 in. 52°F (1991) -20°F (1963)
December 25°F 13°F 19°F 1.66 in. 47°F (1985) -31°F (1975)